19 July 2010

Orchid update

Originally uploaded by Mal Booth
The beautiful orchid given to me a few weeks ago in memory of my late brother Muz is still going really strongly. The colours are very vivid still and maybe some of the rain we've had recently has helped.

These images were taken with my new camera and an older 17-85mm lens, playing around with exposure settings and the macro manual focus.

05 July 2010

04 July 2010

Breakfast at Chowder Bay

My imaginary friend Kenny and I went to Chowder Bay this morning for breakfast with my sister Mez, my brother-in-law Phil and their dogs Hettie and Tiffany. I've been sick with a head cold or some weird virus for about a week now so I had to rug up well, but it was good to get out of the house and to see the dogs. They always make me happy.