04 September 2009

Emerging technologies

What a misused term. I think that most people using the term now in many public institutions and libraries are actually describing well-developed and long-used technologies that they think are new or emerging. It says more about how far behind they really are. Sorry, but it does.


Bibliothekia said...

Boy oh boy, has someone got up your nose?!? :-) A whole new generation of users are very tech savvy from an early age. A library can only tell them they are cutting edge if it actually is, otherwise you are going to end up looking like the technology version of a old rapper with a zimmer frame. Not a good look. As in life I suspect there will be those that get on and do it and others who will think they are doing but actually be way behind.

Mal Booth said...

Hey look, no leaving comments longer than my posts! Makes me look bad!!!!

Bibliothekia said...

Look bad, you! Never :-) Now I am going to have to do the Persona profile to see how I compare.