01 June 2011

How to select a hashtag

I couple of days ago I suggested a shorter hashtag for #blogeverydayofjune to @flexnib. I suggested #bedoj for obvious reasons and so then it was on (& still is) for young and old. You see, some see this as a metadata debate and as most of us work in libraries (I resisted saying we are librarians for I am a shambrarian), it could carry on for several centuries before consensus is achieved.

So here is my suggestion for the process we should follow now, with thanks again to Perian Sully who first suggested it. It comes from a slide I used at ALIA InfoOnline in a keynote a couple of years back:

Oh, and just in case you are interested, for this month I'm going to use several different platforms (including this blog) just to add a further layer of confusion and chaos. These platforms include, but are not limited to:
So be sure to tell everyone to avoid all of this content because it will be randomly more obscene than the #RipNRoll ad.


Ashley England said...

If this turns into a month long metadata debate I'm going to blame you.

Mal Booth said...

Quite right too. I am to blame. For everything. Ask anyone.