21 December 2011

Another new/old bike

Latest addition. It’s a 26 year old Hillman road bike with Reynolds 531 tubes rebuilt as a single speed at Deus Cycleworks. It was my first race bike.

It is kinda an eclectic mix. The big White Industries hubs provide a lot of bling, so it isn’t all black. And they nicely match the breaking surface of the Mavic rims. I am struggling up steep hills in Sydney from a standing start, so either they have too big a gear on it or I’ve been spoilt recently by all the gears on my Bianchi & Pinarello road bikes. If I get the old Allsopp fixed I’ll almost have a different bike to ride every day of the working week. It has a gold chain because they didn’t have a decent black chain in stock. Looks OK. And it still seems like a nice fit to ride.

I just have to ride with a pump, even if it is only a few km. All those years on long rides I guess. Not that I can remember them at all really. Must have been someone else …


Anne Beaumont said...

Hi Mel,
I presume you have read 'It's all about the bike' by Robert Penn. It is the book I found most enjoyble & interesting this year.
I will be in Melbourne @ the time of VALA, but have not registered myself. If you would like to catch up, let me know.
Best wishes for the festive season,

Mal Booth said...

Hi Anne, no I haven't read that, but will look for it. I'm not coming to VALA this year, but we're sending a few down there to cause havoc and mayhem. Melbin will never be the same.
Season's Greetings!